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After over 5 years of creating revenue and value online, I've decided to create an easy to use product, that will enable just about anybody to get started making money online today!

What is Bonus Dynamo All About?

Bonus Dynamo is a Bonus Page Generator that enables users to created tested and optimized bonus pages in order to help them stay ahead of the competition when making product reviews, whether it be their own or as an affiliate.

Bonus Dynamo was created by Affiliate Marketers FOR Affiliate Marketers, or anybody wanting to use a proven, tested way to make money online. 

Whether you are launching a product, promoting a product, or launch-jacking a product Bonus Dynamo is going to help you succeed FAST and give you a massive BOOST in sales.

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Tested Bonus Pages

Most Bonus Page and Lead Magnet Page Builders out there tend to focus on giving you endless customization options.

This really just leaves you confused as to what the highest converting page should look like.

Super FAST Creation

Step 1: Find a Product Your Wish to Promote

Step 2: Enter Affiliate Link, Image, and Bonus Details

Step 3: Click "Generate My Bonus Page"

Bonus Dynamo does the rest!

SSD Speed

Bonus Dynamo is a SSD Hosted Cloud-Based APP, meaning you can store all of your Bonus Pages on the cloud.

Store pages on high-speed servers giving audiences the best experience with low load times.

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Access Bonuses to give away to your audiences as extras.

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Bonus Dynamo

bonus dynamo
bonus dynamo

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3 Day Launch

Starts November 17th - November 20th

Launch Contest

Starts: Nov 17th 11am EST
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2nd Spot $250

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**Prizes are based on Product Sales Exceeding Designated Prize Money


Chris Hardy - Creator 


Facebook: /talk2chrish

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